Thermal Management Solution - Spraying Cooling

2018-03-28 09:50:18 admin 53

        Spraying Cooling

Liquid spraying cooling effectively removes a large amount of heat from the surface of source by phase change or high-speed and large-volume cooling fluid. Currently, it can effectively dissipate heat of hear source with 1000W/cm² heat flux.

Hi-1 has spraying cooling system solution. The categories include solutions for ultra-high heat flux solutions, thermal management for narrow space with high heat flux devices, and array injection technology.

       Advantages of Spraying Cooling:

1. High heat dissipation efficiency

2. Low temperature difference between working medium and heat surface

3. Low demand for working media

4. No thermal contact resistance problem with solid surface  

      The company's IDC data room project: Small temperature difference, high life, and other characteristics are achieved by spraying certain temperature liquid the heat generating device inside the IDC room for forced convection cooling

Hi-1 IDC thermal management approach leaves the traditional air conditioning of data room useless while making traditional fans disappear in IDC thermal management.

This solution is suitable for new IDC thermal management, high heat flux device cooling (IC/military), amorphous crystallization and other industries and scenarios.