Thermal Management Solution - Natural Convection

2018-03-21 11:18:35 admin 39

       Natural Convection

When there is a non-uniform temperature field within a space, the temperature of the gas or liquid in the space will not be uniform, and a density gradient will appear in the space. This density gradient will cause the gas or liquid to generate a buoyancy force. When a motion is caused by a buoyancy force in a fluid, the fluid itself forms natural convection, i.e. buoyancy is the driving force of natural convection.

We have natural convection system solutions. The category deals with die-casting radiator solutions that are suitable for low heat flux density, extruded heat dissipation solutions or buckled fins solutions

Advantages of natural convection:

                 1.Production efficiency is high;

                 2. Product reliability is relatively high;

                 3. Product structure is simple;

                 4. Heat capacity is larger.

The company's LED light honeycomb aluminum radiator, processed by high-strength adhesive agent, is with high strength, high temperature, and corrosion resistance characteristics. Unique: Greater specific surface area and chimney effect is available by creating a complex honeycomb structure.

        The solution is applicable to industries and scenes such as LED, wireless base station, electronic communication, and home appliances.