Thermal Management Solution - Forced Convection

2018-03-21 11:27:55 admin 44

      When the fluid participating in the heat exchange is driven by the power or the indenter, the heat exchange between the fluid and the solid wall is called forced convection heat transfer.  With the high flow rate of the fluid, and large mass flow through the mass of the working medium per unit time (energy transfer resulted by the whole fluid movement), heat can be quickly removed from the surface of the source, so the efficiency of forced convection heat transfer is very high.

We have a forced convection system solution. The categories involved forced air convection cooling solutions driven by fans, and pump driven liquid cooling solutions.

       Advantages of forced convection:

                                                           1. Dispersing a large amount of heat in a limited space

                                                           2. Making the heat dissipation structure compact

                                                           3. Low thermal resistance

                                                           4. Most widely used

       The company's pulsed magnetic field cooling and other products employ forced convection solution.
  It is applicable to industries and scenes such as computer, communication, medical, power, and pulsed magnetic field cooling.