Thermal Management Solution –Thermal Superconducting Material

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The thermal superconducting material is a low temperature liquid thermal superconducting material based on the theory of extreme convection and designed by Hi-1. The material has the characteristics of high heat transfer, low temperature difference in phase transition and high ultimate heat transfer power. Highly efficient heat transfer components are realized by filling this material into sealed pipeline. The measured heat transfer temperature difference of this efficient heat transfer component can be controlled within ±0.5°C with the minimum starting temperature difference 5°C, the heat transfer heat flux stable at 500W/cm2, and heat flux of transient conduction 5000W/cm2.

Hi-1 has a thermal superconducting material solution. The categories include high heat flux chip cooling, waste heat recovery, engine cooling and other solutions.

Advantages of Thermal Superconducting Material:

1.    Good thermal conductivity.
2. Good temperature uniformity
3. Low startup temperature
4. High heat transfer limit
5. Anti-gravity heat transfer available

High-Repetition Pulse Magnet Cooling Program by Hi-1

The solution can be applied to power electronics industry and efficient heat transfer scenarios

Chip cooling, high-power military electronic equipment cooling, aerospace equipment, new energy battery cooling, solar energy utilization, heat recovery and other application scenarios.